“Take Control of Your Life: Being Decisive”

Being indecisive can be hazardous to your health and your entire life. A lot of our lives are being ran by other people because of our indecisiveness. A great rule of thumb: decide what happens next or someone else will decide for you. And believe me, you don’t want to live out an ending of someone else’s choosing. Being indecisive takes up and wastes time (time is money), and it yields results that are not favorable to you. It never does. Think back to a time when you were indecisive about a choice you had in front of you. You might have been with your significant other at the time or your friends and family. You couldn’t make up your mind so the other person made the decision for you. How many times have that happened and the choice that they made wasn’t what you would have picked? Remember that feeling you had the moment that happened? At that moment, someone else decided the experience you had in that moment of YOUR life. In order to “master” your LIFE, you must take control of it and being indecisive is giving up that control. Some of us are indecisive at times because we are afraid of what other people may think of our decisions. Or we fear what will happen after we make a decision. Fear also creates indecisiveness. This is one trait that we must get under control. One must DECIDE to kick fear out of their lives and CHOOSE to live outside of that comfort zone. When its all said and done, the top people are those who make the hard decisions. They are also the people who live their lives the way they see fit. Take some time to practice on making decisions for yourself. Start off small and work your way on up to big, life changing decisions. It will, and I guarantee, make your life better and you will feel more confident and in control.


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