“SMILE: The Benefits of A Positive Attitude”

Having a pleasing, positive attitude will indeed open doors for you and may help forge new friendships which can help you in the future.  Your attitude toward anything can and will determine the ultimate outcome. Having a negative attitude will close doors and render your mind dry. What I mean by this is, it would be hard for you to find the solution to a problem, cause you to give up or quit, or it may cause you to take steps backwards instead of moving forward. This may also cause you to procrastinate and drive people away. Nothing good, as you can see, comes from having a negative attitude. So why do so many of us practice this state of mind. Because its a familiar land. When things don’t go our way, we naturally go into the negative attitude phase, instead of looking on the bright side of things. The benefits of having a positive attitude far outweigh the results that you would have with a negative one. People you meet while having a pleasing, positive attitude, either for the first time as a stranger or through another associate or friend, will be more inclined to want to be your friend or, if through business, would want to set up ways to helping you expand. Another benefit of having this type of attitude, you would be more resilient. It would be hard for any problem or challenge to survive long enough. Because you will already have a solution or way to overcome them. Negativity in general will only ruin your life. So why even invite it in? For the next week, practice having a positive attitude. No matter what you may come across, keep that attitude and watch how quickly and amazingly your week turns out. Your days will indeed seem to fly by.


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