“What Will It Take To Succeed: A Golden Quality”

Today, I will provide to you, a quality that is much needed in order to succeed. Its what many would call an annoying feature. Persistence. This, among other things, is a driving force to your success. Without it, it would be easy for any obstacle to stand in your way and stop you from pursuing your goals. Very few people who attained the lifestyle they sole desired, rarely ever earned it without having the persistent quality. One must have the “never say die” attitude in order to get to where they want to be. But what causes most of us to overlook this essential step to achieving our goals? To simply put it, pure laziness. Having the “i don’t have the energy” attitude. This is poisonous to your life and must be handled. What can cure laziness is right in all of our faces. Your passion for wanting to achieve your goal. If you have a fire in your belly and heart to attain your desires, laziness can not survive in your life. You will feel as though you have little to no time for it. Have you ever heard the witty quote, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”? Its a great example of how being persistent can and will, in the end, give you the results you are after. Even through your hard times, if you stay determined to reach your goal and push through the tests life will throw at you, there is a good chance that you will succeed. Many people give up right before they hit their massive success. They were literally at the front door and all they had to do was open it. Just been a little more persistent for a little longer and they would have reached of place very few have traveled. Fortune and success is not rewarded to the lazy and dishearten, but the persistent and determined. How many obstacles will you allow to stand in your way before you give up the ghost and quit? Life, ladies and gentleman, has no time to reward a quitter and excuse maker. Only those who recognizes this quality, understands it, and applies it to their lives can reach the everlasting rewards that the final stomping ground provides to those who are persistent. Be strong. This is your life. As the master of your life, you have the responsibility to ensure that you are successful in it. Find your goals and go after it with unshakable persistence. I guarantee that you my friends, will achieve your goals with ease.


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