“The Art Of Success: Doing More, Becoming More”

This is uncharted territory. A lot of people don’t travel to this land simply because nobody else is doing it. It’s not popular. We have the power to travel to this land. For those who are looking to change thier financial standings, this would be the place to go. By going the extra mile, you are activating the turnkey to your success. Nobody becomes successful by doing the bare minimum. By taking extras steps to ensure your successful future, you are expanding your mind and making the time of your trip to your goals shorter. The great thing about this art, is that you can literally apply to anything you do in your life. By developing yourself and going the extra mile, you will become more valuable to your employer, therefore securing that higher position that you want. Chances would be high that your employer will pay you for the value that you bring to his or her company. This is a guaranteed fact. Why you may ask? Simply put, if other employers see that you can be a valuable asset to thier company, they will be more apted to pay you more than your employer is currently paying you. This is when your employer’s selfishness comes to play. It will literally be a battle of who will pay more for your service. It’s a win-win for you all around. This also works well with relationships. By taking the extra step to pleasing your significant other, your partner will notice how truly wonderful you are and will more than likely keep you around and possibly enter a marriage. In my experience, it’s best to keep the woman happy gentlemen. Because if the woman isn’t happy, nobody will be. There is nothing gained by doing the bare minimum. No riches await you at the bottom. By becoming more than what you are now, you will receive more than what you were getting before. Self development is key. Going the “extra mile” is ensuring success. So take that extra time to ensure that your future will be an abundant one. Change your own status quo…….


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