“Stepping Outside Of The Comfort Zone”

We get caught up inside of our “comfort zones” from time to time. Everytime we reach a new level, we place ourselves within another one unless we keep striving for improvement. There are alot of people who are still in the first level of thier comfort zone. (They never stepped out of the first one) There are many factors that may stop a person from stepping out and “testing the waters”. But I will only go into two big ones that will stop you cold. The first factor is the “fear of failure”. Nobody likes to fail. This fear is created before you can even take your first step! The best way to overcome this fear is to implant this bit of advice to your subconscious mind. Failure is unavoidable. At some point, you will fail. But failing doesn’t nessecarily mean that you are defeated. Defeat doesn’t exist into you claim it for yourself. Failures are very valuable! Through them, you can learn what you did that didn’t work, and implament another plan to may work. As long as you don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you will succeed at some point. Leave that task to the insane. The second factor is “fear of success”. I know, I know. Who would fear success? Look at it from this perspective. Some people fear change. And stepping out from the norm and becoming successful is a huge change. The fear of losing the attention of your “current” friends or loved ones due to jealousy will stop a person from even taking the first step. Here is some relieving news for you. People, things, and circumstances shift around in order to accommendate your dominant thoughts. And remember, your actions is a direct result of your thoughts. Some friends will stop talking to you, some won’t. But keep this in mind, life has a way of placing the right people around you to match what you are trying to accomplish. No matter what it is. Good or bad. Right or wrong. There is nothing to fear outside of the comfort zone. You won’t grow staying within that small space. The only thing awaiting you is the results that you desire and a new way of living. So step out and grow. Growth is extremely important for those who want to succeed and key to change…..


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  1. When one steps out of their comfort zone they step in to the stress zone. Getting out side one’s comfort zone can be stressfull, but a little stress is a good thing. This zone is also where learning occurs. When we challenge ourselves to learn new tasks, begin new careers, or even begin new relationships it requires change and change can be stressful. Over you life your comfort zone will do one of two things, it will shrink or it will grow. If we want to grow we will need to expand our comfort zone and the only way to do that is to step outside of it.


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