“Can Success Be Hidden In Hard Times?: The PAFAS Formula”

We all go through hard times in some points of our lives. They can show up in our personal lives, business affairs, career endeavors, etc. What do you do to ride out the storm? I can say all day to keep a positive attitude about it and have faith, but that won’t be enough. Action is required. It is nessecary. I would like to introduce another one of my formulas to get past any problem and will help you get out of hard times quicker. It is called the “PAFAS” Formula. Positive Attitude plus Faith divided by your Actions equals the Solution. What actions you decide to take will affect the outcome. In most cases, when hard times tend to arise, people tend to lose faith and that positive attitude because of how “grim” the situations may seem. I am guilty of doing this myself. We all have accepted temporary defeat at some point in our lives. With this formula, you will find out that you can find success in those hard times. Mistakes have been made, situations arise, and with the right perspective, lessons can be learned from the experience. These “hard times” were meant to improve us as a person. It is all in the spirit of personal growth. If you look at it this way, hard times may not seem that hard. Especially if you are looking for the lesson that came along with it. This formula is universal. You can use this to grow individually, correct any wrongs that you may have made, or improve your business revenue. Whatever your purpose for attaining this formula, may it help you in ways that will help you see less hard times and more prosperous times ahead.



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