“A Simple Yet Effective Way To Open Doors Of Opportunity”



You would be surprised at how many doors will open to you if you dress to impress. EVERYDAY! People will literally treat you differently than if you were to walk around in some jeans and a t shirt. For example, I went to the bank to inquire about a financial consultant. I had my suit on at the time because I had a prior business engagement. When I walked in, the service I recieved was entirely different than what I normally would have gotten if I had walked in with some casual clothes on. At the end of the visit, not only did I recieve the information I wanted in the FASTEST way possible, but I also was informed about a deal they had when thier app first came out. I got an extra 10 dollars from it! They even offered me a service where I can recieve a $200,000 loan. Haha. Another example was when I had on a suit when I walked into one of my favorite food joints. As I was waiting for my order, a businessman was sitting at a table across the way from me. He glanced at me and asked what it was that I did. I explained to him that I decrease stress and raise workplace morale, creativity, and overall worksmanship causing a 52% raise in profits and productivity as a success coach and motivational speaker. By the expression on his face, you could tell he was blown away. He stated that it was nice to see a young man such as myself dress so nicely and run a fully functional business. He was impressed to say the least. He even told me about some opportunities and people he knew that would help me spread the word about my business and book in San Diego. Now I was blown away!!! Dress to impress and even wrap yourself with a bow (figurely speaking). You don’t know who may be watching you. Remember, if you run a business or may just be looking for employment, your image is EVERYTHING. Not only does this boost your self confidence, but It also boosts your chances of obtaining some business or job opportunities you never would have seen coming. Represent yourself in the very best way when out in public and the key (resources) to riches and wealth may indeed fall into your lap!


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  1. Sharon Yoder says:

    What a simple thing to do….and yet, often we forget it’s value! Thank you for the reminder!


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