“The Split-Road: Making The TOUGH Decisions”



Making a decision can be tough sometimes. Either it from making an choice on where you should go for dinner to making a huge financial decision for your business firm. You come to this “fork in the road” where you have to go either left or right. You may have to give up one thing to obtain something even greater or face a fear that you been trying to steer clear from. Seriously, no one likes to face these types of decisions. But yet, they must be made to get what you want. So how do you make the tough decisions? The answer to this question is simplistic in its nature but can be hard to execute if you do not possess a definite chief aim (major goal to be reached).  Here is a technique you can use to help reach your decision faster and with a clear conscience. Think of what the outcome may be, based off of facts, if you make either decision. You must sell the results of each choice to yourself and figure out which outcome would make you feel the most comfortable. In other words, follow your gut instinct. This power that you possess is usually never off.  It’s when we try to fight our instincts that we reach a decision that would end very unfavorably to us. The best decisions are usually those that come from our gut. In my experience, this way of reaching a definite decision never steered me in the wrong direction.  And I’m pretty sure your gut won’t lead you down the wrong direction either. Your gut and your wallet will thank you later.


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