‘Mr. Motivational’ Releases Handbook to Becoming a Millionaire



Written by Lorenzo Sellers, ‘Million Dollar Mind: The Millionaire Mentor’s Journal to Massive Success’ is a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants a better life, more money or simply a renewed sense of self confidence. With years of experience in the field, Sellers will guide escort readers on their road to becoming ‘superstars’ in every aspect of their lives.  

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San Diego, CA – He’s been called ‘Mr. Motivational’, an author, public speaker and ‘millionaire’s mentor’, Lorenzo Sellers certainly fits the bill.


With the release of his new book, ‘Million Dollar Mind: The Millionaire Mentor’s Journal to Massive Success’, Sellers cements himself as the successor to motivational gurus like Les Brown, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins. Growing up in the small, destitute town of Orangeburg, South Carolina, Sellers was first guided by his now deceased grandmother, Ellen Williams, who urged him to keep up with his writing skill.


“When my grandmother passed on, I lost my passion for it,” says Sellers. “Seven years later, I joined the US Navy in the hopes that I could find my purpose in life. After traveling and serving in the military, I started to look at life differently. While on deployments, I would watch videos of famous motivational speakers and that’s when the light bulb went off in my head – I knew what I was born to do.”


‘Million Dollar Mind: The Millionaire Mentor’s Journal to Massive Success’ builds on Sellers’ successful ‘Life Mastery Foundation’, his coaching and seminar company that teaches his program, ‘The Blueprint to Success’. Wanting to connect with a wider audience, Sellers penned his book, and has already helped hundreds of people around the world by teaching them to take control of their income and fulfill their seemingly impossible dreams.




Million Dollar Mind is a step-by-step guide to building a lucrative lifestyle, career, or business. Within the book, you will learn what it takes to be successful and how to rebuild your business, career, and your life. Learn what millionaires have been keeping secret from the public and use this “blueprint” to build a stronger foundation for your life. The fundamentals within this book are those used by the wealthiest people in the world and will provide the results one would seek in order to become a millionaire themselves. You will learn: *Key elements of successful thinking *How to set your own price tag in life *What it takes to succeed in any endeavor *How to invest in yourself and others wisely *How to properly plan and use that plan for success *How to effectively use your time daily *How to gain massive results in little time *How to become a superstar in any aspect in life

Since its release, ‘Million Dollar Mind’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from readers.

“This book is well worth the price and will repay the reader many times over. A very good inspirational book and manual taught by a man who knows what he is talking about. I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in learning how to improve their life and financial status,” wrote Caglevision.

Calling the book “amazing!” Ashley L. Cappelle wrote: “Reading Mr. Sellers book “Million Dollar Mind” was, and still is, amazing. He made perfect sense about the way we think we should be doing things in order to make money. He is straight forward and to the point, which is what we all need today. It is my opinion that EVERYONE should get and read this book over and over again. Mr. Seller’s doesn’t sugar coat a thing and is right in your face with the truth that he brings. If you do not have an open mind and an open heart, prepare to have them by the time you are done reading this amazing book.”

For Sellers, this book is just the beginning.

“Something spectacular is happening,” says the author. “I’d like to create a movement of Million Dollar Mind Millionaires worldwide. If you believe you’ll become a millionaire, it can happen. And what you can conceive, you can achieve. Million Dollar Mind, my masterpiece, will be like a personal coach to everyone who reads it.”

Continuing: “The book will lead them to understand how “successful” people think and what drives them. To put it simply, the book will inspire and help people create their own legacies and place themselves into world history.”

‘Million Dollar Mind: The Millionaire Mentor’s Journal to Massive Success’ is available now from Amazon in Hardcover, Paperback and eBook formats: http://amzn.to/1oHR12Q  


About the Author:

Lorenzo Sellers was born on October 27, 1987 in a small town named Orangeburg within the state of South Carolina. He lived with his brother Avery Sellers, his sister Donyelle Williams, and his mother Mary Sellers. His writing aspirations began when he was 10 years old while he lived with his now deceased grandmother, Ellen Williams who inspired him to keep writing. But his passion for it subsided after her passing. 7 years later, he joined the US Navy in hopes to finding his purpose. After 7 years of military service, Lorenzo was inspired once again to write after watching a documentary entitled “The Secret”. Watching this also with the mentors who inspired him while performing his duties, has propelled him to help people unlock their hidden potential and achieve their dreams.

While still in the military, he is now an aspiring master success guru, business philosopher, and bestselling author. Although his target is to help the younger generations unlock their potential before graduating high school, his hopes are to help millions of people “rekindle” their fire and help them see their dream once again. Mainly for those who might have lost sight of their goals. His dream is to one day become as inspirational to people as Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn currently is. He plans on writing more books in the future as he makes a name for himself as “Mr. Motivational”.


Contact: Lorenzo Sellers / 619-534-2829 / sellerslorenzo@live.com



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