What I am about to share with you may irrelate or anger some of you. But it’s the truth when you really look at it. It’s better to hear the ugly truth and grow than to hear a beautiful lie and suffer for it. 

“Fear of Failure”

Poor people look as failure as something that should be avoided at all costs. Rich people look at it as something that can’t be avoided, but should not be feared. Poor people see failure as a defeat or loss. Rich people see failure as a learning experience and gain the wisdom that comes along with it.

Failure, often times, is seen as a taboo. Mainly because the consequences of failure is punishment. And to punish failure is to increase mediocrity. Isn’t it amazing how changing your perspective on failure can change your financial situation as well? Within the journal, I’ve seen the many failures that my mentor had to endure. Yet, he wrote one simple line after each failure: To fail is to learn how to win. The light had turned on for me. To fail is to learn ways on how not to win.

This is what I call the “win” mindset. With this concept, it’s hard to recognize failure. And hard to fear it as well. So when taking the leap, know that failure will come your way. There is simply no avoiding it. But don’t fear it, for it is only a lesson to learn.

“Fear of Success”

There are many who fail to transcend to the next level of income because of the fear of actually getting what they want. Let’s further break down this subject. One may fear the responsibility of success once it arrives. They are afraid of having to maintain that level success for long periods of time. You do have people out there who believe that nothing good can last for long.

This simply isn’t a valid truth. There is nothing in the “rulebook to life” that states that living a successful and quite profitable life will only last for a short time. The proof is all around you. You have millionaire and billionaire families that has been generating massive amounts of income for generations and still rolling strong.

Another side to this is the thought of losing those who you hold dear because of your success. This coincides with the fear of judgment from friends and family. In some cases, people will stop talking to you because you have chosen to change the status quo. The truth of the matter is that people don’t like to be outdone or outmatched.

You may experience these “loses” to some extent, but it’s nothing to fret over. Not if you want to be wealthy. Remember, people come and go in life. Change is necessary for growth. So if you do see this happening, resist the urge to chase after them.

People make choices in life. Allow this to be learning experience on their part. It is entirely possible to outgrow people. This is what it all comes down too: one cannot reach the pinnacle of riches and wealth as long as this fear stays strong within the mind.

“Fear of Change”

The one thing in the world that is constant is change. This evolution of life cannot be stopped. So why do so many people fear change? We assume that change is a bad thing. This fear is completely irrational and, quite frankly, not important enough to even be a factor in your life. Yet, this fear is powerful enough to stop progress cold, cause people to become stagnant, and prevents good, solid ideas that can change the world from being born.

To set the record straight, there really isn’t such thing as good or bad change. It’s just simply change. And depending on how you see that change determines what effect it has on your life. Change will make you a millionaire if you know how to ride the tides of it. Every change that happens forces one to grow and readjust to the said change. Many people who don’t cope very well with change is doomed to live a life of poverty and constant struggle. There is no point in sugar coating this truth. You bought this book for the hard hitting facts.

If you are one of those people, it’s time to change your whole perspective of change. See every shifting situation as a lesson that will make you rich. Life is filled with moments that will define who you are. Those defining moments are more than likely a pending transformation that you may have to undertake. This fear will yield no profit for you. So this is when we drop this burden and accept change for what it is. A lesson learned.


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