“Unleash Your Inner CEO: Making TREMENDOUS Decisions….and Profit From Them!”


Made decisions are life changing. The power behind them are astronomical and has the potential, which has been proven many times, to change the world. If Henry Ford hadn’t made the decision to never quit and create the automobile, who knows what we would be using for transportation. This also goes for many famous inventors, scientist, doctors, etc.

We all have the power to change situations, circumstances, and even the lifestyles of countless others. Knowing this can bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams. How the do rich keep getting richer? By constantly making a decision to place themselves in a spot that will bring in more riches. Taking control of your life is crucial for your success. Success cannot be obtained with the indecisive mind and it certainly won’t be given to you.

This plays a big role for those who are in leadership positions. Being able to effectively make a decision is very important. People won’t follow you if you aren’t able to make a decision whenever problems or challenges arise. There must be a figure head. You must lead the charge.

When it’s all said and done, this is what you need to do for your life. The difference between those who accomplish everything that they set out to do and those who don’t lies in the decision making power and faith behind that power, which each side has. 

There are those who don’t know how to make a decision. In some cases, they never had to make one for themselves because someone else was always calling the shots. Here is a few tips that will aid you whenever you must come to a decision. 

      • Before you begin, try some deep breathing.It helps clear your mind so that you are calmly figuring out the solution, instead of frantically worrying about outcomes.
      • List your options. At first sight, it may appear that there is only one course of action, but that is usually not true. Even if your situation seems limited, try to make a list of alternatives. Refrain from evaluating at this point; brainstorm and write down every idea that comes to mind, as crazy as it may seem. You can always cross it off the list later, but with those crazy ideas might come some creative solutions that you might not have considered otherwise. Then ask other people for suggestions. Be terse and ask them what they might do in your situation. Sometimes strangers can offer the most creative ideas because they do not share your assumptions or biases.
      • Weigh the possible outcomes. For every option, list every possible outcome and label it as positive or negative. One way to do this is to put a plus sign (+) next to a positive outcome and a minus sign (-) next to each negative outcome; especially positive or negative outcomes can get two signs instead of one. Some people find it helpful to make a decision tree, which lays out every possibility in visual format.
      • For every scenario, think about whether the best possible outcome is worth accepting the risk of the worst possible outcome. If the worst possible outcome is completely unacceptable to you, meaning that you could never forgive yourself if it happens, then you probably shouldn’t make that decision.
      • Make note of the likelihood of each outcome. Give each one a percentage (e.g. there’s an 80% chance of this happening, and a 20% chance of that happening). Make sure your estimates are based on experience or observation; otherwise, your fear or excitement might distort your perception of probability.
      • Consider which option will encounter the most resistance and why. Significant difficulty in implementing a decision can sometimes outweigh the benefits of the outcome, depending on the situation. Other times, it’s the most resisted decision that would make the biggest difference.
      • Consult your intuition. You must feel comfortable with the decision. On your list or tree, place markings next to those decisions that are backed up by your intuition.
      • Make a choice. This is, of course, the hardest step, but there will hopefully be a decision on your list that is backed up by both logic and intuition. It should have more plus signs than negative signs, and it should have your intuition’s approval. If things don’t match up clearly, though, ask for advice from people you trust. This can be a good tie-breaker.


By using these techniques, you may come to a decision that may make you rich. Money tends to be attracted by those who know how to make a decision. 


Please leave your thoughts on this subject. All are welcome!


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