“Face Your Giant and Take Hold of Your Destiny”


Everyone should know the epic tale of David vs. Goliath. One man going up against an “unstoppable” giant. Despite his size, David faced his giant foe with faith in himself and in God which vanguished all fears. By hurling a stone with a sling with all of his might, he hits the giant in the center of his forehead and defeated him. Which surprised David because he didn’t realize it would be that easy. By overcoming this challenge, he seized his destiny to become king. The lesson behind that story is simple but overlooked by many. There is no challenge too great to overcome with the power of faith and action. 

There’s nothing that happens to you in your life that you cannot overcome. Many times we allow our situations, circumstances, or challenges to overtake us. Not fully realizing that our dreams and desires lie beyond those challenges staring you right in the face. For those looking for financial freedom and the right live life on your terms, this can prevent you from ever getting what you want. With faith, you can overcome any obstacle and seize your success, whatever that may be. The only person in this world that can stop you is YOU. You are more powerful than you think. Go forward and face your giant. Have faith and believe that you will overcome the challenge when you go to battle with it and watch a “miracle” happen. That was more than just a story. It was literally giving you the key to success. 

Knowing this now, ask yourself: Will I allow my “giant” to overcome me or will I run right through it and take what’s rightfully mine? Believe in yourself. Believe in your power!

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