“Simplifying The Life Process”


Life is truly simple. We as humans tend to complicate it with our fears, emotions, etc. There is no point in overcomplicating life. By doing so, you are limiting what you can get out of it. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with everything that is going on in your life, remember these 4 tips:

Tip #1: Take one day at a time- When it’s all said and done, its not that bad. Take a breather and remember that the only two things you can control in your day is what you do when you wake up and what you do before you go to sleep. Everything in the middle is pure craziness and the results of our responses to events that may have happened during the day once you leave your home. Accept it, move on.

Tip #2: The answers are always right under your nose- Often times, we believe that most problems are complicated. They really aren’t. Usually, the answers to those “problems” are right in front of us. It just takes wisdom and focus to see those answers. Keep a cool head and stay positive. You’ll figure it out.

Tip #3: You can’t control people’s reactions to what you say, but you can control your reactions- It doesn’t matter what you say, you cannot control how people will react to your thoughts. You can’t please everybody, nor should you try. You’ll just stress yourself out thinking about how they will react. Say and do what you feel is right and allow life to happen. It’s going to anyway.

Tip #4: Live everyday as it was your last- This pretty much says it all. Treat each day as though it was your last. Would you rather live your last day happily or allow other people to upset you and ruin your mood? Only you can give a person permission to upset you.

It’s your life and you design it day to day by the decisions you make throughout. Face your Goliath and achieve the “impossible”. #lorenzosellers

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