“Map To Your Destination”


Your dreams won’t become a reality until you draw out a map to your destination. As crazy as this may sound, there is great power behind writing down your goals and using those goals as focal points to your ultimate plan to succeed. Those who won’t write down and set goals are ultimately working for someone else who did. Keep that in mind when they are signing your paycheck. Your life up to this point was designed by your actions and decisions. If you don’t plan on living an abundant life, you are at the mercy of the everchanging tides of life. So I’m about to reveil what it is exactly you need to do in order to obtain whatever you want. 

Grab something to write on and write with. List where you want to be within the next 10 years in great detail. Take the time to do this once. (Trust me, once is all that is required) Hold nothing back. By the time you finish writing, you will have a definite picture on where you want to be. By listing these things, it’s easier to come up with creative ideas on how you can obtain that lifestyle. 

Then write down all those ideas to keep record. You can try each of those ideas that you listed, until something works. Pretty simple. This is exactly how those people who started with nothing end up with everything. However, only serious people will follow this technique. All others will look at this and continue to contribute their time and effort to ensure the owner goes on more vacations. It’s up to you. Face your giant and achieve the “impossible”.

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