“Focus: Look Upon The Horizon”



What you focus on grows. We as human beings have more negative thoughts than positive. It just happens naturally. However, whichever type of thought you focus on tends to materialize out into the real world. Listen, where you are in life, in your career, how much income you bring in, or where you are in your business right now is a direct reflection of your self talk. What you say to yourself everyday matters. You cannot expect positive results to happen if you are in a negative state of mind. Your mind is powerful. What you consistently say to yourself will control your actions by default. Crazy right? 

If you focus on a person’s short-comings when in a relationship, the relationship gets worse and visa versa. For example, how many times have you seen someone get treated like dirt by their spouse, but the person who is taking the abuse just falls deeper in love with them? I know alot of people would call the abused party crazy, silly, or just plain dumb. You couldn’t help but ask, how come they just don’t leave? The abused party isn’t focusing on their spouses faults, but on their good attritubes, whatever that may be. If the abused party would shift their focus, no doubt, they would leave. 

Here is my point, if you don’t like where you are in life right now, focus on actions that will develop your lifestyle. If you and your spouse aren’t seeing eye to eye right now, focus on ways to improve and solve the problem. Focus on more positive thoughts for a desirable outcome. Remember this, your life is a direct reflection of what you focus on daily. Face your giant and achieve the “impossible”. 

The Blueprint To Success Course: 





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