“Self Education: Raising Self Value, Generating Greater Income”


You are your greatest asset. You can generate as much income as you want if you increase your value to the world. Question: You would pay a person who can help you with nothing to do nothing? Or would you pay a person who can help add self value and help you change how you live forever? This is why self development is so important when it comes to increasing your income. It is the difference between earning $20,000/year to earning $2,000,000/year. So why don’t that many people do it?

95% of people in today’s world in America look at self development as a waste of time because a friend of a friend told them that it was. Those same 95% are either thousands of dollars in debt for schooling fees, working for that 5% of people who did undertake the “self development course”, or started their own business and failing miserably because they have no clue why customers don’t see them as a “valuable asset”. It was Jim Rohn who said, “Education will earn you a living; Self education will earn you a fortune”. Self education is a part of self development.

It’s time to stop listening to those who are a part of the “walking dead”(Those who look like zombies because their jobs won’t allow them to sleep very often). For those of you who are looking for information that will set you up for success, I will provide a link that will give you all the answers you seek shortly. My point is this: You determine how you live, where you live, and how abundantly you live. You determine how much income you earn and whether or not your children will be taken care of in case you depart from this world in an untimely manner. It’s you and it always has been. I hope this clears up the confusion a little for why there is such a big difference between “the haves” and “the have nots”. It’s time for you to follow up and focus on your #1 asset for growth. Remember, your income changes when you do. Good day. “Face your Goliath and achieve the “impossible”. ‪#‎lorenzosellers‬ ‪#‎followup‬ ‪#‎selfdevelopment‬

The Blueprint To Success Course:


The Blueprint To Success (Kindle):


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    I like the name and layout of your blog and the swimming pool image attracted me to the webpage. (Looks like my goal!) You are clearly making strides towards your dreams Lorenzo. Just a little typo in the third paragraph caught my eye:
    It shoud read “You determine how much income you earn and not You determine who much….


    1. Lorenzo L Sellers says:

      Thank you!


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