“Problems? What Problems?: Key To Overcoming”


When I used to train for boxing, my trainer always told me when the opponent throws a punch, lean forward and get inside his personal space. By doing this, if I still get hit, the power of the punch is cut in half. So his punch wouldn’t damage me as much. He warned me that if I tried to avoid the punch, I could possibly put myself in a worse position. This was a life lesson within itself.

When it comes to our daily lives and we were taught to avoid problems as much as possible. But here is the thing: By “avoiding” one problem, you will simply run into a bigger one. Challenges, as I would like to call them instead of “problems”, will only persist if not dealt with accordingly. Remember, what you resist, persist. So what do you have to do? By facing and overcoming a challenge, you profit and grow from the experience; therefore, making potential “problems” of the future nothing more than road bumps. When you solve problems that may arise, you grow. When you avoid a challenge, you learned nothing new. In life, you will always face challenges that may seem bigger than what they really are. However, if you change your perspective on them, even you can defeat your “giant”.

Look at “problems” as opportunities to learn and grow as an person and tools that can be used to create an ultimate YOU. Or in the case that you own a business, tools that can be used to perfect your business. A diamond in it’s rawest form is pratically worthless until you cut and polish it into a shining gem. Problems will only polish you if dealt with. You will find out that facing them head on will yield far greater results than trying to avoid or ignore them. Remember, the problems or challenges that you may face is a part of life and nothing short of blessings in disquise. Break that barrier and that your life and even income to the next level. Look at your challenges in this manner and you will achieve far more than you ever thought possible. ‪#‎faceyourgiant‬ ‪#‎followup‬ ‪#‎lorenzosellers‬


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