“What Brings Dreams Into Reality?: The Three Powers to Greatness”


Dreams come true when you act on them. How many times have you had a conversation with an “I wish” person? Someone who is always saying, “i wish i could have the skill to do this”, or “i wish i could have the skill to do that”? Now how many times have you seen an “i wish” person aquire the skill they want by doing absolutely nothing but wishing to get it? I would imagine you haven’t bumped into that person yet. We live in an “i wish” world today where people rather wait for a miracle to happen than becoming the miracle that they seek.

You would be surprised at what you can do if you get up and DO IT. Circumstances aren’t bigger than you! No matter where you are in life right now, you can always change the game around. It’s easy considering you have the power to change the rules! For centuries, men and women of history have accomplished great things by using the power of “certainty of purpose”, desire, and above all faith in themselves and in a higher power. Today, a lot of people only use one of the three powers that was just given and wonder why they see no results or progress in their endeavors. They have certainty of purpose, but no desire and faith to back it up. They have desire, but no certainty of purpose and faith to get things going. They have faith, but no desire and certainty of purpose to move into action. You can see where I’m going with this.

Here is the bottom line: your dreams materialize when you use the three powers in harmony to fuel your actions. Those who move with great certainty on a goal usually get what they want. You have a 95% chance of getting what you want when you make moves on your goals rather than doing nothing at all. With those kind of numbers, why would you want to stand still? I challenge you to be the very best you that you can be. I double dog dare you to make your dreams come true and prove to all doubters that it can be done. You are special. Allow no one to tell you otherwise. You were meant to be a doer. All those people who hate on your progress and offer no support are meant to be witnesses to your GREATNESS. Someone has to write the history books. (shrugs) #faceyourgiant #followup #lorenzosellers

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