“The Cycle of Wealth: Change Your Life by Changing The Lives of Others”


While on this journey of mine to change the fate of those who seek the results they want out of life, I have discovered a power that can grant anyone all the things they could ever possibly need in one lifetime. This concept of this power is so simple that anyone, from any circustance can overcome obstacles and challenges standing in their way. Did you know that when it comes to obtaining wealth in this world, all you need is the right opportunity? Now here’s the thing, most people believe that opportunity is a rare commodity that only happens a handful of times.

This is not true at all. I live by one simple concept when it comes to obtaining the right opportunity: Why wait for opportunity when I have to power to create it? We all do. We all have the ability and inner power to create our own opportunities in life. Allow me to futher explain what I mean. To create opportunity would mean that you are whole and one with yourself. You know what you what, who you are, the power that you hold to control the outcome, and where you are going. Here is another secret when it comes to obtaining the right opportunity. You can become that very opportunity you seek to change your life. 

Within this quote that came to me within a dream, you will find all that you need to become your own hero: “Become that opportunity that can change your own life by becoming the miracle that can change the lives of others.” In other words, by adding value to other people’s lives with your product or the service you render, you in turn will add value to your own life, business, and/or career. I call this the “Cycle of Wealth”. It’s an unstoppable force that has been the catalyst to the small percentage of the wealthy’s success. If you doubt what I say, you need not look very far. Just think of how Oprah Winfrey got to where she is today. Think of how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre, and other millionaires and billionaires that you may know of got to where they are. 

The answer is simple when it comes to becoming wealthy: Think and concentrate on how you can serve your fellow man. Become the miracle that people seek. Solve problems that others feel they cannot. Become the solution, not the problem. When you act on these motives, watch your income and life grow! #followup #faceyourlife #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

The way the mind works: A person who doesn’t think of making an apple pie wouldn’t bother to look up the recipe. A person who doesn’t think of becoming healthier wouldn’t bother to research diets that will help accomplish the task. Which brings me to my point, a person who doesn’t think that they could become wealthy would never think of finding a way to make it happen. Solution? Start thinking on the subject and you will soon find a way.


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