“The Master Key To Wealth: Unlocking Life Changing Events”


We all hold the key to unlocking our own financial freedom. We usually can find it weaved within what we enjoy doing most. If what you enjoy doing helps other people in the process, you will find out very quickly that the gift that was given to us at birth (the power to choose our own outcome in life) will guide you to the riches that is rightfully yours. But what stops most of us from ever discovering that key and keeps us in the depths of struggle most of our lives?

Mainly, the biggest obstacle that stand in our way to finding the master key to unlocking endless potential is OURSELVES. However, there are contributing factors that may convince you that you have no talent, no gift, no way of ever escaping the “struggle”. One of those factors lie in what other people tell you. You may have heard things like: “You have no talent”, “You’re useless”, “Stick to your day job”, “I had a friend who tried that and it didn’t work”, and “What makes you think you can do it?”.

Here is the scary part. These things aren’t said by people who you don’t know, but by those who are close to you! Instead of empowering you, they choose to discourage you. To keep you “in the bucket”. With all this shade, it’s no wonder that alot of people stay where they are right now. Simply because they can’t see what they have lying deep inside of them. Great rule of thumb when dealing with this hurdle: Discouragement from others is the key indication that you are on the right track to wealth. You have something they don’t and they want to make sure you don’t see that you have it!

Another factor is the fear of other people rejecting you because you choose to use your innate gift. Not being accepted because you choose to do or become something or someone different. Well, here is the truth to dealing with this hurdle: People will judge you no matter what you do. If you choose to do nothing, people will call you a “coward”, “bum”, or just plain lazy. If you choose to use your key, people will call you crazy, stupid, insane, or a hopeless dreamer. So in the end, it really doesn’t matter what you do. What does matter is that you enjoy what you do.

Ultimately, the decision to do what you love and live among the financial elite is up to YOU. So if you haven’t yet, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE! FIND YOUR KEY! #faceyourgiant #followup #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

Try this out for 3 weeks and see what happens. Treat your boss like a client or customer. Remember you get paid in exact proportion for the service you render. Poor service equals low pay. Excellent service equals extraordinary pay. It’s not being subservient to think this way. Remember this, you are your own business. Advertise your services, show them what you are capable of, and watch your paycheck grow.


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