“What Lies Beyond The Gate: Unlocking Your Path To Success”


Quite often, I like to talk to random people I meet when I’m out and ask questions regarding to what they do for a living. It’s no surprise that majority of the people I talk to work at a low end jobs. Then I proceed to ask would they like to be rich? The majority said no. Directly after, they would continue by justifying why they don’t attempt to achieve wealth. I often heard, “money isn’t everything”, “money is the root of all evil”, and “money changes people”. I would reply, so why work at all for money if you truly believe all these things?

They would give me the most perplexing look. I gather that the reason that most people react to my questions that way is because they believe that they can’t become rich. They believe in the “luck factor”. That one must be lucky to attain massive wealth. This isn’t true at all. We all have what you would call, the “Success Gate”. Behind this gate would lie all your dreams made into reality. The problem is that most people see the gate, but never use the one key that can open it because of fear of the unknown. They don’t know what will happen once they opened it. The key I am referring to would be courage.

To obtain happiness, one would need to be free. And how do you obtain freedom? You must have courage. Acting in spite of your fear. This alone will open your gate to the path of success. If you have a dream that you want to materialize into reality, but are afraid of possibilites of failure, move forward anyway. Push yourself and be courageous. I heard once before by a old co-worker I used to know, “fortune favors the bold”. Truer words have never been spoken by this man. Fortune does indeed favor the bold. This is what creates the illusion of “luck”.

Those who are afraid of failure, but move forward anyway, are destined for greatness. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s not ok to let that stop you. Fear is nothing more that an illusion. You will find that out once you walk right through it and onto the path to make all your dreams come true. #followup #theblueprinttosuccess #lorenzosellers

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Sincerely Lorenzo: 

When less than desirable things happen, that is God’s (life’s positive force or higher power) way of testing your character to show you if you are ready to take your life to the next level. Events that take place in your life isn’t “bad” until you allow the devil (negative thoughts) to change your perception on the situation. And like I always say, when you change your perception, all those problems and challenges look a whole lot like opportunities for growth and change. Embrace the concept and see miracles happen.


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