“Time Travel To Wealth: The Key To Building A Solid Plan”



So how do dreams come true? How does one man accomplish the impossible by going from being homeless to multi-billionaire? How does one single mother become a millionaire practically over night? Most of these situations would seem quite outlandish to say the least. However, it has been done many times before. I am about to unveil to you the secret that can cause such “impossibilities” to become your current reality.

By envisioning yourself performing the steps neccessary to achieve your goals and doing exactly what you envisioned, you can bring a dream right into reality. All it would take is the correct mindset, a little imagination, and the drive to get it done. The #1 mistake alot of people make when trying to apply this proven technique into their business, schooling, career, or job, is that they only envision the end result. This will not be enough to ensure your success. It’s perfectly understandable to think of the end first. So many coaches have recommended that by using that technique, it will get you where you want to go. It’s great that you know what you want, but it won’t get you there just by knowing.

Often times, I would envision myself doing more pro bono, volunteering at more charity events, getting the right people supporting me, speaking to more businesses and individuals, and watching the fruits of my labor pay off. And by acting on what you envisioned, the results come close to what you saw as your end result if not the exact picture you drew for yourself. Life is truly simple to understand and master. However, the journey won’t be as easy as I make it seem. You will encounter your fair share of challenges, but keep in mind that they are just that….challenges. You will eventually overcome them. They are nothing more than temporary inconviences. They are not stronger than your visions.

What ever you may be into at this present time, what ever endeavor that you are a part of, this technique of critical thinking will yield the results you seek from it. Remember, only you can determine the final outcome of your life and the final outcome of your bank account. #faceyourgiant #followup#lorenzosellers

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