“Own Your Life: A Passage From The Book”


One of the most challenging things to do before you start your path to living an abundant life is to fully take responsibility for your life. Sit back and think about how many times you have blamed something or someone else for something not turning out the way that you wanted. Be completely honest with yourself.

Taking responsibility for your life and all that you do, this includes the decisions YOU made will put you in a place that, surprisingly, very few people have traveled. This means that it’s time to stop playing the blame game. This also means no more excuses for why you were late to work, why you couldn’t turn that research paper in on time, or why you are not earning as much money as you desire. We are ultimately responsible for where we are in life right now.

It has been proven many times in history that those who have taken responsibility for their actions have seen more success than those who haven’t. The chances are high that the CEO of that company you may be working for once came to this decision of taking full responsibility. By doing this, they can actually control the flow of their circumstances. Therefore, instead of them waiting for opportunities, they created them.

There is great reward for those who live by this concept. Although this is an amazing concept to live by, it is often overlooked by many. Have you ever seen someone who complains about everything get everything they want? Complaining is another form of not taking responsibility of the current circumstance or situation. So in the end nothing changes and one still won’t have full control over one’s life.

The question we all must ask ourselves once we go through an ordeal that may have placed us in an undesirable spot is “What am I going to do about it?” The decision you make from that question will determine the outcome. Your situation today was based off of a decision you made yesterday. So make a decision today that will place you in a better spot in the future. Invest in yourself. #faceyourgiant #lorenzosellers #followup

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