“First Step Toward Achieving Your Dreams: Simple Tips From The Blueprint To Success”


Today’s topic concentrates on a most important step to obtaining your dream. One who doesn’t set goals for oneself is destined to stay right where they are. My mentor told me that those who are at the top are those who had written down their goals. Goal setting is an important piece to building one’s future. Without it, a person tends to wonder around with no sense of direction.

An idea is just a dream until you write it down. Then it is a goal which you will make into a reality. By writing down your goals, you are actively moving toward your chief definite aim. From this point it would be easier for you to track your progress. It is fairly easy to see those who wrote down their goals. You may be working for that individual right now!

Those who truly want to be successful take their lives seriously by drawing out their “floor plan”. It’s time to face the reality for those who are seeking wealth. In order to become rich, you must plan and execute. But that dream is a far cry from you if you don’t plan correctly. Buy a notebook or whiteboard and start writing!

By having your goals out in front of you, it’s easier to set some steps to get to each individual goal. You could try to keep all your goals in your head, but I can assure you that you will only lose track. This in turn will hinder your progress to obtaining your major goal, whatever that may be. By following the goal setting method I am about to unveil to you, you are increasing your odds of success by 52%. The other 48% is all about execution.

This method is especially effective to those who are looking to build a business, being promoted, or taking your income to an entirely new level. This is no “get rich quick”, but you will definitely see results a little faster than you would have if you never wrote down your goals.

We live in a world where competition is everywhere. Why not give yourself the edge over that said “competition” and win. The first task you need to complete when setting your goals is to identify what it is that you wish to accomplish. Where would you like to end up in the next 5 years? How much would you like to see in your bank account?

This is what we call a long term goal. This serves as an end to your means. Without it, it would be hard to gauge where you would end up. Shortly after you identify what your long term goals are, you would set your short term goals that will lead up to your long term goal. What steps are necessary to reach your long term goal in the quickest manner?

Once you have that figured out, this is where you would set your daily tasks which will lead up to the completion of your short term goals. It is better to set tasks that need to be completed daily. This is a great way to keep track of your progress to wealth. Most millionaires have the habit of setting tasks every day.

This is the most effective way to reaching your goals. Once your goals are written down, you are actively putting your order in to the universe. Those who have written down their goals almost always get what they want. #followup #lorenzosellers #theblueprinttosuccess #faceyourgiant

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