“Finding Your Inner Leader: Taking The Mantle Of Success”



If you’re looking for a leader, you don’t always have to look toward the front to find it. It starts in the back, the wash room, the lower levels of a company, and at the bottom of the tree of an network marketing business. It all begins with you. When it comes to going to the next level within your business, career, and life, one must take the mantle of the leader. Think of it this way, when you look around and see all those millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires, where do you usually see them? Surely you wouldn’t find them following the crowd and doing what everyone else was doing. These are the individuals who decided to think differently than everyone else. They decided to lead their own lives to become financially free versus letting someone else lead it for them (which usually leads to nowhere).

Leaders are made when the neccessity of change becomes greater than the acceptance of mediocrity. Most times, you will hear excuses like, “Leaders are born. I’m not a natural born leader, so it’s ok to be a follower.” This simply isn’t true. Sometimes our very best leaders are those who once sat in the back of the class or the meek person who kept to themselves. I was once the quiet boy in school who kept to himself. However, my need for change became greater than my want for mediocrety. That’s when I got angry at my circumstances and decided to change my way of thinking.

Can anyone do this? The answer is YES! Anybody who desires change can and will become a leader once they decide to take control of the outcome of circustances that may be “hindering” them at the time. Now you will bump into opposition when deciding to move up the ranks and you will feel certain types of resistance from other people.

Here are a few things to remember when becoming a leader:

-Reaching a new level means experiencing a different set of challenges: It doesn’t matter what level you are on, you will face challenges and as you go up, these challenges tend to change along with your acension. Embrace these challenges and do not fear failure. Failure is key to succeeding. Don’t allow a temporary setback (failure) to stop you on your journey. Learn from failures and move on to the next step.

– When building something new, you will have to battle to protect it: You will bump into other people who have the “crab in a bucket” mindset and they will do everything in their power to try and stop you from rising. Typically the crowd you use to be with will do their best to keep you there. Keep moving forward even when they are “shooting” at you. Just because they are shooting at you doesn’t mean they shot you. That will only happen when you allow them to.

-Commitment without character is Hitler: Bishop T.D. Jakes said it best when he stated that, “when you have commitment without character, you get Hitler.” Being committed to reaching a goal is one thing. But when you work people that may be a part of your team beyond their limits, you might as well be a dictator. Therefore, you become a BOSS. When you have a BOSS mindset, Big Opportunities Seem Small. Then you miss opportunities that can help you and your team reach your goal faster and better (because everyone would be happier).

-Step out on faith: Believe in yourself, keep moving forward one step at a time, and you will achieve the change you seek.

Lead your own life, control how much you earn per year, and how your life turns out. Followers are everywhere. However, leadership begins with you. #lorenzosellers #faceyourgiant #theblueprinttosuccess

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