“Decisions: The Perspective You Give Them Determines The Outcome”

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Is there a such thing as a “bad” decision? When you break it down to it’s simplist form, you realize that bad decisions are nothing more than decisions. In truth, there is no such thing as a bad decision or good decision. There are just decisions we make and how we feel about them after we made them. For example, just because we made a decision for ourselves and others percieve it as “bad” decision, doesn’t make your decision a bad one. That feeling that others get is based off of their wants, needs, and desires of whatever you are deciding for or against. So many people beat themselves up over a decision they made based off of what other people perceive it as.

It’s pointless to go on this way. If you feel as though the decision you made was the right one, nothing else truly matters. Often times, people make a decision to quit their job to pursue their dreams. Often times, other people will tell you that making that type of decision is too risky, therefore, deeming it a bad decision. Questions arise such as, “why would you leave the security of a “well paying” job to chase some dream that will never come true?” Now here is the amazing part. Once you achieve your dream and
the level of income you had once strove for, your “bad” decision automatically becomes a great decision to those who doubted you before.

People will judge you no matter what you do. Who are we to judge your calls? Who are we to say that the decisions you make are the best or bad ones? The only time your decisions become bad is when you deem it so. The only time your decisions become a great learning experience, is when you deem it so. Do you see how this works now? You control 100% of your feelings toward any decision you make. Make a decision today to stop allowing people to tell you if your decisions are sound. Make decisions based off of your intuitions and use the power behind to transform your life the way you want. #lorenzosellers #theblueprinttosuccess #faceyourgiant

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