“The Key To Building An Empire: The Power Behind The Mastermind”


When building anything, especially a profitable business, one won’t be able to do it alone. A team is needed. Not just any team, a mastermind group. Now what is a “mastermind group”? When you break it down to its basic fundamental element, it’s the gathering of the greatest minds. When I say “greatest minds”, I am referring to people who are dedicated to achieving the same goal as you. With everyone within your mastermind working together as one, unstoppable force, the possibilities are endless.

Now the real question in today’s world is: Why do so many people fail at building a real profitable empire? Too many people rely on the thought that “I can do this all by myself”. Granted, there are some things in this world that nobody else can do but you. However, holding on to that thought when attempting to build a legacy for yourself will kill any chance of you succeeding in creating something special for the people you are trying to serve. Take the creator of Facebook for example. Even though his mastermind wasn’t that big, it was enough to build a platform that the entire world uses. Steve jobs is another example of the power that a mastermind group holds in creating a great product.

Here are 3 tips that will help you get a good idea on what a mastermind is and how to put one together:

-Understand what “synergy” is. Synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. In other words, this is the power that a mastermind group holds. Your individual acts may create great results. However, when you combine your efforts with others moving toward the same goal, the end result is 10x greater than what you would have produced by yourself.

-Find your “12” individuals. Within the Bible, it tells more of how Jesus put together his team than what he did on his own. There is great wisdom there and proof that we can accomplish greater things when we work together. Although, it doesn’t have to be 12 people, it’s a nice number to aim for when putting together your mastermind.

-Don’t overload with dead weight. I highly recommend when putting together your team that you consider what their desire is. Having a lot of people in your group with different goals can create a chaotic and unorganized environment. If you must have a lot of people on your team, use the 12 method I mentioned before and ensure that everyone is on the SAME PAGE. This will maximize your results in the end.

-Seriously, get to know each other. A mastermind works a whole lot better when all the members are friends. Get to know your team. Find out what each person likes, their dislikes, and their dreams. Become a family in other words. This will increase the energy flow within your mastermind and will produce high quality ideas and concepts that will take each person’s bank account straight to the moon.

It’s not all about earning money. You can use these tips to build a mastermind for any major goal you may have. The sky is the limit. It’s time to start building your team and create a legacy that will go on far after you’re gone. Make every day count! #lorenzosellers #theblueprinttosuccess #ytb #thecoachscorner #sellerssuccessgroup #faceyourgiant

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