“The Sacred Law: How You Go From Having Nothing To Otaining Everything In A Short Time”


Last year around this time, I learned a very important lesson when it comes to accomplishing the “impossible”. Many times, people have started something they were passionate about in the beginning and then stopped when a challenge that seemed “too great” to overcome appeared. We tend to get that, “I’ll slow down for now” mentality, and wind up slowing down to a complete stop. I know from personal experience that once you stop, it’s really difficult to start again. Especially when it comes to creating a way to generate income, changing your health standards, and starting a new habit.

However, you have people out there who faced their giant, beat the odds, and then proceeded to succeed in a MASSIVE way. How did they do it? How do you overcome the odds and get what you want anyway? Most people would call it “luck”. But we should know by now that luck is nothing more than preparedness meeting the moment of opportunity. So what is it? Pay close attention to the master key to success I am about to unveil to you and the wisdom of this profound law. The key to success lies within the undeniable “Law of Momentum”. This law indicates that once you start something and continue to move forward despite of the many obstacles that you will face, you will eventually succeed. This has been the foundation of success ever since the caveman era.

The Law of Momentum is like a snowball effect when pushed down a snowy mountain. The snowball gets larger over the time it’s rolling down the mountain. What seemed small at first is now large. For Steve Jobs, this was no different. He started Apple in a garage with a couple of friends and associates. Most would say that he would have never succeeded if he had quit after the first “no” he got from calling different investors. There’s no denying that those who comprehend this law will see challenges, situations, and even failure as stepping stones for growth and a catalyst toward massive success.

The bottom line: Use this law to your advantage. Once you stop because your journey got to “hard”, it’s likely that you’ll have to start over from scratch. Which will make your journey that much longer and that much more difficult. It only took Lorenzo 4 years to become a millionaire simply because he kept his momentum while it took Mike 40 years because he stopped every time he came across a road bump. This law works ladies and gentleman. Will you take advantage of this law or will you kill your momentum by allowing outside forces such as discouraging talks from friends and family, challenges, situations, and circumstances to dictate your journey? The choice, when it comes down to it, is completely yours. #faceyourgiant #lorenzosellers#theblueprinttosuccess #thecoachscorner #wakeup #followup#projectORACLE

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