“The Power Of Change: Asking The Profound Question Will Produce Results”


There is a word that hold so much potential power behind it, that without it, we would still be living in the dark ages. It’s the one word question that sparks innovation, action, and persistance. It initiates change and keeps you on the choosen path. This word can even bring one to a moment of clarity. It all starts with WHY. Why do you accept your current circumstances? Why do I accept my life as it is? Why am I doing this?

For many generations, the WHY factor has helped millions of people to clear the path to finding the answers that one may seek. It is the master key to finding your definite purpose. I had to ask myself why I choose this path to help others achieve massive success. The answer I found was quite astonishing to me. It guided me to realize that I had alot of passion behind my choice of work. Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why you are in your current circumstance? Rather it may be finding the answer to your sales problem or looking for that one thing that can take you straight to the top within your field of endeavors.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is definite: The question WHY is the key to developing your current way of life. Here are 3 profound ways of using the word WHY to change the way you think and increase not only your choices in life, but also your income as well.

1. WHY is my annual income as much as it is? Asking this question will clear up a few things when it comes to the things you have done and the choices you have made so far to end up where you are right now.

2. WHY am I doing what I’m currently doing? We all get caught up in our work from time to time and we tend to forget why we are doing what we are doing along the way. Life is busy. And sometimes, just like a friend of mine in the Army said to me, “we have to stop and adjust our gas mask amongst the smoke.” Which means, we have to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing amongst the craziness that is life.

3. WHY am I still choosing to stay within my comfort zone? This could reveal a few fears that may be holding you back from taking that necessary step forward to achieve your dreams. Knowing what it is that is holding you back from challenging yourself to grow will help you overcome those barriers. It’s as though we are finally looking at “the man (or woman) in the mirror” and exposing ourselves to the truth behind our lack of improvement.

Bottom line: The power behind the WHY, will help you create wealth, relationships, and overall abundance in your life. Remember this: if your WHY is big enough, your HOW will appear.Take some time to yourself and ask yourself the question, WHY. Reflect on your answers, find the solutions to your problems, and change your life for the better. It’s time that you moved on to bigger and better things. Unleash your inner successful YOU. #faceyourgiant #lorenzosellers #successexpert #theblueprinttosuccess #thesellerssuccessgroup

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