“The Road To Massive Freedom: Watering Your Seed Of Greatness”


Did you know that there is a seed of GREATNESS inside each and every last one of us? It’s true. We all have the power, the skill, and the ability to not only make our own dreams come true, but to make other people’s dreams come true as well. Now the question is: how can one become great without violating the rights of others? Many times, and I know you’ve seen it, there is that one person who aspires to be great, but take the wrong path to get there by using other people. If they feel that you may be a “threat” to them rising to the top at your current workplace or in a competing market, they will do their best to ensure that you come out looking like the “inferior” product by either spreading malleolus, untrue rumors, or sabotaging your work.

Now here is the thing, our natural response would be to “get even”. Negative influences that reside in half of every atom in our body will try to overpower the positive influences. Here is the key to knowing that you are well on your way to greatness: you don’t retaliate in a negative way. You retaliate by moving forward. There will always be a person who will make it their sole mission in life to bring you down if you are quickly rising to claim your dreams. Accepting this fact will indeed improve your way of thinking and keep you moving. Instead of asking “why would anyone do such horrible things to me”, take it as a sign that you are on the right track. Thinking on why someone is after you will only delay your progress. If you are hurting no one, there is nothing to fear.

Water your seed of greatness by performing POSITIVE actions that may improve the lives of others. “That what you do or perform for others is what you do and perform for yourself”. Life will pay back in dividends for whatever you put out. Therefore turning your seed of greatness into the Tree of Greatness. Watering your seed with NEGATIVE actions will only ensure that your seed grows into the Tree of Isolation. No one would want to be around you, therefore confirming that you stay unnoticed in the world. This will produce horrific damage toward your income in the long run.

Remember this list of positive actions, apply them to your character if you haven’t already, and you will see a huge difference in how people react toward you, your annual income, and your greatness:

-Integrity: Be honest no matter what.

-Be Respectful: We all know the difference between right and wrong. Knowing this, you know if you are being disrespectful or not. Respect for others will take you a long way. There will be people who won’t respect you not matter what you do. Move on. They don’t have to be a part of your journey.

-Improve Yourself: Working harder on yourself will increase your value, PERIOD. Learn how to hone your skills and do it!

-Network: Networking with other people in your chosen profession will increase your chances of living a life with options. Don’t isolate yourself.

-Encourage Others: Encouraging other people to work on their dream will help you build a solid relationship with them. By doing so, you are putting out positive energy and it’s likely that they will do the same for others. This is how change occurs.

-Be Persistent: Get back up after you fail. It’s alright. As long as you learned from it, you can still move forward.

-Determination: This will power you to keep moving forward. Showing that you are determined to win can empower others to do the same.

-Face your Fears: No one have ever succeeded in running away or avoiding their fears. Fear is nothing more than an illusion designed by the devil to keep you right where you are.

-Do What Is Hard: To achieve greatness, you must do what is hard and necessary than what is quick and easy.

-Imagination: This is your most powerful tool. Others have allowed their’s to shrink due to not using it. Use yours and you will achieve the impossible.

See you at the top! #SuccessHabits #lorenzosellers #faceyourgiant#greatness


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