“A Preview From Now Hiring: The Fourth Level of The “Selfie” System”


Throughout time, men and women of history, who have dedicated themselves to the task of accomplishing their dream, have proven time and time again why the power of believing in yourself is crucial to becoming successful. Especially when those dark times of self-doubt creeps into your mind. This is the natural enemy to self-belief. We’ve all encountered those times when doubt overshadows the belief we have in ourselves.

This happens when we face a challenge that seems larger than we are. Since the first thought we naturally reach for is negative, we begin to doubt our own capabilities. It drains all of your creative energy from overcoming those challenges.

Those challenges can come from a decrease in your pay to making a life changing decision. But I’ll let you in on a secret. There is no one who is as powerful as you in defeating your own demons and overcoming your own challenges. You will have people out there that will tell you that they can overcome your challenges better than you. However, you must not allow what they say to distract you from the actual truth. There is no way they can.

We were all created differently with different sets of skills and abilities designed to overcome our own special challenges. These abilities can only be effective when you believe in them. I’m about to be incredibly real with you. Before you go into your office of your business or the kitchen or office of your workplace, have this singular thought in mind:

“Broke people have to see the results from their labor FIRST before they can believe in themselves. Wealthy people believed in themselves way BEFORE they ever saw results from their labors.”

Like what you read so far? After 57 interviews with CEOs of major companies here in San Diego and 30 interviews with small business owners in other states over Skype and numerous phone calls, I finally have an answer to those who are looking for a sure fire way to dust the competition with the keys to success. Pre order your copy soon. Kindle book release happens on January 15, 2015!

Pre-order your copy of Now Hiring: The Survivor’s Guide Toward Navigating Through Your Job, Career, and Business for Kindle:


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