“Now Hiring: A Segment From Chapter 13”

book release


For many of us, we’ve heard the same ole tired line from our parents (those who aren’t rich or even close to being financially free), friends, and the rest of society. “The way to live your life comfortably is to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job with benefits. Is this similar to what you’ve heard? This is one thing I know for sure: Whoever said that was an evil genius. It was a great way to keep people within the “employee” mindset for most of their lives.

Honestly, who would want to move up or raise the standards if all you thought you had to accomplish was those three tasks to live life with options? It would be really hard to break that mindset if you’ve been raised to believe in that. We begin to learn and develop habits at a very young age. We imitate everything that our parents did and everything that they believed in. We began to weave their beliefs into our very own.

What if I told you that there is a way you can begin to live your life in such a way that you can choose to stop working for weeks and still be financially stable? Sounds like a fantasy right? I can ensure you that this is the truth and we see people do it every day. However, given what’s on television every single day, a lot of people fall into the belief that you would have to be a celebrity or a famous athlete to make it big. We also tend to fall into the thought that all you need to do is find ONE source of income and you can become financially free that way.

This won’t cut it in the real world. One very important factor that I taught my clients is that financial stability plays a very big role in our peace of mind. When I asked some of my client’s what they thought multiple streams of income was, they told me that they thought it was having more than one job. Unbelievable. For the great majority of our lives, people actually thought that the way to financial freedom was to work for more than one “boss”. In fact, the only thing that this would do is drain your life away.

You would literally be trading your TIME for MONEY. You would be trading your MOST PRECIOUS MOMENTS for MONEY. And if you look around, you would notice that a lot of people are living their lives this way. You must realize that this is the quickest way to become a zombie. Yes, zombies are real indeed. It’s the look a person has once their spirit is crushed, their dreams demolished, and their time wasted. If this is the way you feel about your life right now, it’s time for a change…….

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