“The Three Energies: What Determines the Final Outcome?”



I started an experiment on my life based off of a theory that I came up with to see what results I would get from it. After a few weeks of bringing positive energy to all my situations, shortly after realizing what negative and neutral energy does, I have discovered a fundamental truth that has truly changed my experience in life and produced results far from what I’m used too. I had an “ah ha” moment and now decided to share this info with all you readers.

At many points in our lives, we encounter challenges that require some sort of response. The nature of the action we choose will determine the nature of the outcome. Actions to our everyday challenges are divided into three energy types: Positive action, Neutral action, and Negative action. For those who seek to gain more control over their lives can learn these three factors. Let me further explain and define these three types of action that had an tremendous effect on my life.

“Positive action is a response that provides positive feedback to situations, circumstances, and challenges that will eventually lead to a positive outcome.”(Reacting with a positive mental attitude) Usually when we face obstacles, we perceive them to be negative. In most cases, they usually are. However, when life places you in negative situations and you react with positive actions, the situation tends to iron out and you discover there was really nothing to worry about. If we can create a habit of performing positive actions with all our situations, we would live a much more positive life with more positive results no matter what we decide to get into(business, relationships, etc.)

“Neutral action is a response that is neither positive or negative.” Nothing is gained or lost from this type of action. Depending on the type of situation, circumstance, or challenge that you go through, the outcome will remain unchanged. It’s the equivalant of doing nothing at all. Choosing to do nothing is still a choice and therefore a form of action.

“Negative action is a response that provides negative feedback to situations, circumstances, and challenges that will eventually lead to a negative outcome”. For example, you encounter a negative situation and you react with negative action. I can guarantee you that you will not like the final result. It goes to that saying, “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”. This is why revenge will always hurt both parties in some way, fashion, or form. And the main reason why someone said that if you seek vengance, dig two graves: one for you and one for the other person. When it comes to handling problems at work, panicing and going into a frenzy(negative action) will only ensure that the problem gets worse.

My point is this: if we all embrace positivity as the centerpiece to our lives, we will reach our goals faster and live a productive lifestyle. Keep adding positives to your life and watch how people respond to you. Positive power is far more powerful than that of negative power. Keep adding!

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