Do You Have Your Compass?: The Tell-Tell Way Toward Accomplishing Your Dreams



We, the human race, have faced an array of “emotions” due to the complex and complicated situations and circumstances that we tend to get into. Even though we want all of our dreams to come true, many of us may be in “negative” circumstances that may not allow such aspirations to come to pass. However, we all work with a guage that determines if we are on the right path to accomplishing our dreams or if we have strayed. We tend to feel joy,happiness, love, peace, hope, gratitude, and many other positive emotions when we wind up in positive circumstances.

  On the other end of that spectrum, we tend to feel depression, hate, anger, sadness, pain, jealously, and other negative emotions when we land into negative circumstances. Even though all the feelings are very much detailed, there are only two types of feelings that guide us through our path to our dreams and life in general: Good and Bad. Have you ever done something in your life or was about to do something, and you recieved a “vibe” from it? Either you felt a good vibe or a bad one. Either way, you felt something right?

  When we set a goal for ourselves or decide to take that path to accomplish our dreams, or greatest compass is our feelings. Have you ever heard someone tell you to “follow your gut” or “trust your instincts”? The type of people you hear give this solem advice are ranked amongst the greatest of their time. Deep rooted in our minds is a mechanism that can’t be broken down by science or explained. Our “emotional compass” will usually tell us if we are off our path to accomplishing what we truly want.

  Yet, most people tend to “fight” those instincts and make a choice based off of what other people suggest they do. Even though those suggestions aren’t in the best interest of getting what they want. This is when we land in those negative circumstances I mentioned earlier. It’s like if your goal is in the north and you chose to go east instead based off of what the stranger up the street told you. Would you be surprised if you wind up in the wrong place?

  I can already hear the so called “experts” and critics now: “facts are facts! You should base your decisions off of statistics and what’s already been done. It’s safer with less risk!” Blah, blah, blah. These are the same people who still are spinning their wheels in the mud and wondering why they haven’t progressed yet. Even though this may be true to some degree, and I mean to SOME degree, it’s not what will get you to living your dream life and accomplishing all your goals. Learn to trust your gut again and use your emotional compass. You’ll have a 97.99999% chance of reaching your goals alot faster than to base your decisions off of “what is”.

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