Don’t Sweat it : Keys Toward Living Less Stressfully

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Writing this chapter was really challenging for me. I used to be a person who would always allow the smallest things get to me. I would overthink the smallest details. Details, when it all comes down to it, would mean nothing in the end. Whenever we are dealing with bad news, a difficult person, or a disappointment of some kind, most of us get into certain habits.

We have our “ways” to handle certain situations. We tend to overreact and focus on the negative aspects of our immediate situations. And when this happens, we stress out, raise our blood pressure level to an all-time high, annoy others, and waste time trying to solve things that don’t matter. It has been studied that those who stress less on the small stuff has a longer life span than most people by a whopping 56%!

Keep in mind that the more you stress, the more likely you take away from your life. This ranges from being that person on the road with road rage because the driver in front of you cut you off to the person who always wants to prove you wrong about something. I will show you a way to deal with that in a few short moments here. For now, I just want you to fully understand what you’re about to learn here. There are huge dividends that will be paid out if you can fully grasp this concept.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things that won’t matter when you reach the final moments of your life.”

Will you really remember that one time some random driver cut you off? Perhaps he or she was in a hurry. Do you remember those times when you were running late and you sped all the way to your destination? You can probably relate to that driver. The best thing to do at a time like that, instead of following the person just to confront them or begin to yell at the top of your lungs knowing that they can’t hear you anyway, is to simply allow that person to get into a car accident somewhere else.

Wouldn’t you agree that you rather have it happen somewhere else instead of with you? I know what you must be saying right now. “But Lorenzo, I’m justified in my anger! They could have killed me!” Hey buddy, I’m right there with you. I didn’t always take this route myself. I just found out that by taking this concept and applying to my life, I got some serious pay backs for it.

My stress levels went down and I began to see some real changes occur. I started to enjoy my life! On the flip side of this coin, if you find yourself running late because of traffic or you overslept to an appointment, engagement, or to work, I want you to take a deep breath and realize this:

“You’re already late. You might as well grab a sandwich.”

I know that it may sound silly, but it’s the truth. People are already going to be “upset” that you weren’t on time. Why rush and possibly get into a car accident or rush out the house still hungry? You will notice that this will drastically decrease stress. No one is going to remember that one day you was late to work 20 years from now.

Might I suggest that you leave a few minutes earlier? Or set your alarm for an earlier time to wake up. This will alleviate a great amount of stress from your morning routine. They have a saying in the Navy: “If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re early, then you’re on time”.

What about that one guy at work who is always trying to prove you wrong, even though you have sufficient proof to back up everything that you say? Most people in that situation would be stressing out at this point trying their hardest not to hit the guy. You tend to think that the guy has a personal vendetta out for you. This is when you should implement this concept…….

Release Date: Jan 2016


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