“Finding Our Connection: The Power Of Purpose”


HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!!! With the new year, it’s time to set the tone for the rest of the year by enriching our minds. Mankind was created to do great and wonderful things. However, most people settle for a meager existence simply because we fail to recognize our purpose or discover what truly excites us (passion). If you think about it, you will realize that people have accomplished things that, at one time, were impossible. How can the mother of 4 children with no support from a husband overcome financial challenges and become financially free by using network marketing? How can one man formulate an idea that would change the cartoon industry forever and create a wonderland for children everywhere? Please tell me how one man created something that was thought impossible by building a “horseless carriage”? One thing I can tell you with great certainty is this:

We all have access to a great power and by discovering how to use it, we can create a better world and live a more prosperous life.

I am about to unveil to you the “secret” that has been helping certain people become extraordinary. This may even upset a lot of people. But I find it best that we know the truth of the matter than live within a “beautiful lie”. At least, what has been proven too many times to be doubted.

“Our minds are portals used by the Infinite Intelligence to manifest ideas and concepts from the spiritual plain onto the physical plain.”

Many of you would know the Infinite Intelligence as God, Buddha, Jehovah, or simply a higher power. We were created to manifest God’s plans onto the physical plain! This is the purpose of mankind. This is how new thought is formulated. This is how the idea of something that never existed before “pops” into someone’s mind. Our minds are used as conduits to create ideas and concepts that could very well change the world. I want you to think about the word “manifest” for a second. As many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, our thoughts can manifest things into reality. Now break down manifest and you will notice that the word “man” is in there.

From personal experience, I can tell you that things that I know, no one has taught me. It came from a place that was unknown to me at the time. Somehow or some way, I just “knew”. My spirituality was and still is at an all-time high and I’m constantly still receiving new ideas every day. It will feel like your brain can’t shut off. This is a clear indication that you are connected to the Infinite Intelligence. You are connected to your purpose. When you are connected to your purpose and acting on it, miracles happen. Ever heard someone tell you to keep an “open mind”?

Have you ever had an idea awhile back to create something that you thought would not only help a lot of people, but also take you to financial freedom, but you didn’t act on it? What are the chances that years later, someone else had the same “idea” but acted on it, and now living in financial freedom? Did you kick yourself for not acting on it? This is why I often tell anyone that they should write down their ideas immediately to save it. Having a “closed mind” will close your connection to the spiritual plain, therefore, closing yourself off to your purpose. Here is how you can reestablish your connection:

-LEARN TO FOLLOW YOUR GUT INSTINCT WHEN IT’S PUSHING YOU FORWARD. Trust your gut. This is often an indicator that your connection to the Infinite Intelligence is open.

-KEEP AN OPEN MIND. It’s difficult to receive new ideas and concepts if you have your portal closed. Not everything that most of society doesn’t see working out is a bad thing. Walt Disney built his success based off of the rejections of his trusted advisors.

-DO WHAT YOU ARE EXCITED ABOUT. You will find out that you are more productive and way more successful doing something you’re excited about than something you don’t like. Keep in mind: WHAT EXCITES YOU= PASSION. PASSION= YOUR PURPOSE

Follow the steps, increase your results tenfold!

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