What’s The Secret?: Making Any Business Successful


For decades, most people have wondered why a very select few get everything they want out of their business versus everyone else who start a business, but fail. It’s no big secret at all and a lot of people start off knowing what it is, but soon forget shortly after. Today, I want to share that so called “secret” with everyone. But before we get to that, I would like to point out what most people do at first before they learn why their business failed. Most people focus on these 3 things when launching your business.

MONEY– It’s a great incentive, believe me. But by focusing on this outcome, you will find that making money will be the biggest challenge you’ll face. Even though it’s a pretty large goal to focus on, it’s not large enough to move your business forward or give it life long enough to see revenue.

MATERIAL GAIN– Cars, clothes, jewelry, houses, even a jet ski are great things to have and a lot of fun to play with. However, I’m afraid that this is not sufficient enough to make your business successful. The motivation behind this won’t last long. As soon as a bump in the road comes, you’ll soon doubt why you started your business in the first place. And doubt is the number one culprit to killing many dreams.

PROBLEMS– Wow. This one I had to learn the hard way! A lot of “gurus” would tell you by focusing on the problems; you will come up with great solutions. This is false. By focusing on your why (if it’s in line with the “secret” I’m about to share), problems won’t easily over take you and coming up with effective solutions will be easy. There are very few things under the sun that are new and that includes so called “problems”. Someone went through that very same issue and I’m certain that they came up with an effective solution. Case and point: Successful businesses didn’t start off successful.

So now the question is, “What is the secret to building a successful business?” The secret is GIVING. If the reason you started your business isn’t in the spirit of giving, then I’m afraid that your business won’t last very long. Often, giving is quoted in the Bible; it’s the key to your most wealthy entrepreneurs succeeding, and the secret to receiving life’s most precious gifts. Giving is the single most powerful thing you can do for others and for yourself. It increases your overall well-being and, believe it or not, establishes trust from others. Your business should be trying to fix a problem or give something to people that can add value to their overall life.

Your greatest salesmen and women understood this factor and flourished because it. They weren’t trying to sell simply because they wanted other people’s money (granted, you do have those who do sell solely for that reason, but aren’t very successful). They sold their product or service because they believed it could help you in solving a problem or filling a void, therefore, GIVING you peace of mind. Get it. It’s not a big secret but it is very much, an OVERLOOKED one.

Remember this: If the purpose of starting your business isn’t in the spirit of helping others and giving value to other people’s lives (peace of mind), it will fail.

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  1. Todd McPeek says:

    I agree giving is a secret sauce that transforms effort into success.

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