Achieving Breakthrough Results: The 3-Step Process Toward Creating Massive Change


Here at BRI, we have what you would call “Breakthrough Success Strategists”. What they do is analyze patterns from our clients and isolate what system out of their Five System Process is causing the undesirable results they want us to help change. I myself am one of those strategists. What I found out over the years is that everyone, in one fashion or form, wants to achieve desirable results.  However, what I saw more in almost everyone I worked with is this “flawed” lifestyle. Or to be more polite, a way of living that isn’t aligned with their goals. What do I mean?

Many people believe that they can live one way to get a result that requires a different way of living.

Basically, they are operating off of a set of habits that aren’t aligned with their goals. For example, there are some people who want to be financially free who have a habit of spending more income than they earn on a daily basis and continue to accumulate bad debt. Or someone who wants time freedom to spend with family and friends who have a daily routine of picking up more shifts at one or two jobs. It’s similar to the effect of pulling when you want to push and pushing when you really need to pull. This is a Habit System malfuction. This system from your 5 system process is the outer most system of the human mind and will determine the immediate results you get.

Here is how it works: If you have a habit of what you’re currently doing, your outcome would be that you’ll keep getting what you’re currently getting. If you have a habit of giving more, the outcome is that you’ll receive more. If you have a habit of doing less, then the outcome is that you’ll receive less. Does any of this make sense to you? If it does, AWESOME! You can also tie this system to certain situations and circumstances. If you keep finding yourself in bad situations, there is habit that you have created that is keeping you there. Breaking out of your daily habits can be a powerful way to unlock great and new life changing experiences. At this point, we must break your old set of habits to start fresh.

Here is the 3 step process I use with my  clients to help break old, and possibly harmful habits. I want you to remember these three words when you want to create a new set of habits: Notice, Create, and Discover.

-You must first notice that your current actions aren’t producing the results you want.

-Then work to create a new set of habits.

-At this point, you will then discover what results your new set of habits produce by acting on those new habits.  
If you deviate from your old habits, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve lost control of the day. Yet, when it’s done with intention and self-awareness, breaking from regular routines can be a powerful way to stimulate new thinking, break bad habits, adapt better to change, and be more collaborative in a team environment. By giving up control of how you always do things, you can create space for new ideas and a more receptive outlook.

It has been studied that the average time to change one’s habits is 2 months! Which isn’t bad to begin with. As you are on this 2 month habitual change, you will be undertaking a journey that will completely change your entire life. The awards behind creating a new set of habits can be quite astronomical and can help you reach your dreams quickly or destructive if you choose to use a set of habits that can only take away from your life. At the end of the day, YOU have to change before your LIFE does. If you wish to know more about the 5 System Process, visit the Founder’s Library to get your copy of Making IT Happen.

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