Where Does Energy Go?: Lorenzo Reveals “The Blank Sheet Technique”


The 80/20% workshop I did 2 weeks ago was a major success. Since then, I’ve been asked questions like, “What if the story I tell myself is awesome, but I’m still not moving forward?” Simple question. With an even simplier answer. Let me ask you a quesion.

How important is direction? Better yet, how important is having a purpose to focus on? Time after time, I see people struggling to get to where they “want to be”, but never set any real goals for themselves. Simply because they don’t BELIEVE that it works or realize the importance of it. I’ll even use an example to show you what I mean. Grab a blank sheet of printer paper and stare at it for 5 seconds. What do you see? Nothing right. There is nothing on the sheet of paper.

Now draw a dot and stare at the paper again. Now what do you see? You see a dot on the paper. Now that we stated the OBVIOUS, let me teach you what happened in the background. Before, when you saw a blank sheet of paper, did your eyes wander? Did you scan every corner of that sheet of paper? I bet you did. But when the dot was placed on the paper, did your eyes still wander? No. Your eyes FOCUSED on that dot.

This is similar to what happens when you have no direction or purpose in your business. You wander all over the place. You go nowhere because you have no point of focus. And since your life flows where your energy goes, it goes nowhere. Because you have nowhere to direct your energy. But when you focus your energy in the direction you want to go, your life flows into that direction. So when you see people in business get absolutely nowhere, you can always trace the problem back to “lack of focus”.

So when you are living your life or building your business like it’s a blank sheet of paper, create your “dot” or purpose and act on it. Watch how all of your energy begins to feed your into goal. And when your goal is fed, you can bet that you’ll reach it.

“I’m not here to change your life. I’m here to help change your lifestyle; the way you life your life. How you experience it. That’s where the results are created.”- Lorenzo L Sellers

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  1. aiyshah2014 says:

    This is so true….should remember that.

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