What’s In Your Way?: The “Limiter” Syndrome


How many of us have passed up opportunities because we allowed our limiting beliefs to stand in our way? We hold ourselves back for some reason. Without realizing it, we place limits on ourselves. These “limits” come in many forms. There are only 3 that create devasting effects on our lives.


If you felt a tugging at your heart reading one of these, then you are in luck. There is a way to bypass these limits to become a limitless, life grabbing, bad ass. However, before I get to that, let’s briefly go over what each limit does to you. Excuses will take away your power of control and make you into a victim. Blame will make your problems bigger than you. And doubt will chain you down in place, never to move an inch forward. The crazy part is, these limits feel like “justifiers” to people.

They come across “logical” and “realistic”. This is so far from the actual truth. We live in a limitless universe. Nothing is beyond our reach. The only logical and realistic people are those who won EMPLOYEE of the month. The illogical and unrealistic are the ones who will change the world. Always has been. Ask the one who created the airplane if his idea was logical and realistic. He’ll back me up. But we make it so by creating limiting beliefs for ourselves. Examples are called for! Let me provide you with 4 limiting beliefs that can hold someone back from becoming financailly free for example. Then I give you the actual truth.

Limiting Belief # 1: “It takes money to make money in business”

Truth: It really takes the VALUE you bring to other people’s lives to make money in business.

My Advice: Create or take part in something that can make a difference in other peoples lives. This is VALUE.

Limiting Belief # 2: “I must comfortable financially before I can take hold of any opportunity that requires me to invest.”

Truth: There never came a time when life changing events happen within your comfort. Opportunity usually shows up when you don’t have the means to take advantage of it.

My Advice: When you truly desire change, you must be willing to sacrifice “comfort” to control the opportunity. There will be discomfort at first. Its TEMPORARY. But accepting that will ensure that you get all that you want out of that opportunity and more.

Limiting Belief # 3: “Money is the root of all evil and it changes people.”

Truth: Actually, the LUST of money is the root of all evil. Money is nothing more than a tool. A magnifier of what you already are. So if you’re selfish before you had it, you’re even more selfish with it. If you’re giving before you had it, you’re more giving with it.

My Advice: See money for what it really is. A tool. A means toward an end. Not the end itself. Money can be used to help those who are in need. Just as a hammar can be used to build a house, money can be used to save and impact lives. It depends on the person who wields it.

Limiting Belief # 4:”There’s not enough money to go around.”

Truth: There’s more than enough. People are proving that everyday as the average millionaire is now 21. And its not through inherited money either.

My Advice: Start taking advantage of opportunities to solve problems. People pay for solutions. As long as there are problems in this world, there will always be opportunities to create profitable solutions.

There are many limiting beliefs out there that can ruin your relationships, hinder your progress in your business, and kill your health. Whenever you feel conflict from within, there is a limiting belief counteracting with your desire. You want one thing, but believe in something else that will take you in the other direction. Do yourself a favor, if you ever feel the need to come up with an excuse, blame other factors other than yourself for why you aren’t where you want to be, or doubt in your ability to succeed, THINK LIMITLESS. No really. Imprint the picture below into your head. Focus on what’s in the middle and remind yourself that you are LIMITLESS.

Did you find VALUE in this article? Who do you know could use this lesson right now? Share this article with others and help spread the word!


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