Doing What’s Required: How To Win With The Network Marketing Model

When it comes to certain things that we want in life, many of us know what it takes to get what we want. Take note of how I said many of us KNOW what it takes. Here is the challenge and the reason why so many of us still don’t have what we want. Many of us aren’t willing to DO what it takes to get to where we want to be or get what we want. We see others do it and somehow still believe that it came to them easy. It is as though they didn’t have to pay a price to get what they want. This is false. Life operates off of a fundamental law I often speak of. “The Law of Equal Exchange”.

It applies to businesses, careers, school, hobbies, projects, etc. No matter what you do, in order to achieve a certain outcome, you must do what’s required. Basically, if something tells you to do steps A through C to get to outcome D, you can’t possibly expect to achieve outcome D by only doing step A and half of step B. Are you one of those people who tend to do things in half measures? If making your business work requires you to stay up some nights doing multiple meetings to obtain a six figure a month outcome and you barely hold two meetings per week, did you meet the requirement? Will you honestly see your six figure a month outcome? Probably not.

Half measures are for those who choose to be distracted. In my book, The UNchained Mind, I describe that there are two different kinds of people: FOCUSED or DISTRACTED. The focused obtain everything that they want. They don’t allow outside forces to determine their outcome. They understand that they are the key factor to the outcome they seek. They also understand that by not following through on their commitments and not doing what’s required, they lose.

The distracted cannot see past the first step, let alone the second step. They are distracted of thoughts of reaching an outcome without doing what’s required to get there. These are the people who try to do it “their way” which leads to doing things in half measures. Looks great from the outside, but will yield you undesirable results in the end. These people have the audacity to blame “the system”. This is why in network marketing, you will notice that a small percentage of people become top income earners.

Why is that? The greater percentage of people fall to easily to distractions (listening to negative people, taking business advice from those who don’t own a business, doing things “their way”, “emergencies”, etc), therefore becoming one of the distracted. People fail businesses simply because they never followed the system all the way through. If you find yourself as one of the distracted, regain your focus and remember why you started in the first place. Follow the steps all the way through and as often as it takes. Remember this: The word FOCUSED has the same amount of letters it takes to spell out WINNERS.

Please tell me what you think and leave a comment below. I fully welcome your thoughts!


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