The UNchained Mind: How To Get Out of Your Own Way To Succeed In Life & Business


Do you know how the circus trains their elephants? Baby circus elephants are tied to a strong metal post with a heavy chain because they will try to escape and expend a lot of energy on pulling at their tether. After some time, they accept that they will not be able to escape and eventually stop pulling.

The now adult elephants are tethered to a wooden stake with a light rope. I know what you’re thinking. They could easily escape now!

And you would be right. They could escape if they BELIEVED they could. But they believe they are unable to do so and so the light tethering works as a kind of symbol of their bondage. It’s clear that whether your beliefs are true or not is irrelevant.

What matters is what you regard to be true. People believe all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons. Some beliefs are trivial while others are very important, but two things are certain:

Our underlying beliefs operate at a deep subconscious level

These underlying beliefs affect what we experience further in our life, including our level of success or failure in any endeavor.

The world has led you to believe that financial freedom, love, and happiness is not something you can willfully create in your life. You have been taught to view true wealth as something that happens only to a lucky few who win a random “business lottery ticket” or are born with unimaginable talent. The TRUTH is that creating excessive financial wealth does not come down to luck or talent. It comes down simply to knowing your beliefs, understanding, and views of life that reinforce your every decision.

Lorenzo Sellers not only breaks down what really creates the results you recieve in life and business but also reveals what his millionaire mentors taught him as he built his multimillion dollar personal development empire. So, what could possibly be holding you back from achieving your dream life just like Lorenzo achieved his? What’s holding you back from having a life rich with love, happiness, passion, fulfillment, and true wealth? By the time you finish this book and learn what the Five Cycles of Change can do, you’ll be able to:

Focus more clearly on what matters most to you and be effective

Tap into your passion and use it to create massive life changes

Become unstoppable by living true to your desire and allow your passion to shape your business into a multimillion dollar structure

Live a life filled with meaning as you do things that fulfill you

Know and live according to your life values and control the outcome of most of your life experiences

Reshape your entire life by molding it the way you want to

Become successful in all endeavors by mastering the forces that control all of your results

Change and shape your entire team’s mindset to fit what is needed to succeed

It is becoming increasingly apparent more people are not fulfilling their dream lifestyles today and it’s only getting worse. You can change your outcome by learning how you and millions of other people think.



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